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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Forex ?

Forex or FX stands for Foreign Exhange of international currencies.

What is an EA (Expert Advisor) ?

An Expert Advisor is a piece of software written in MetaQuotes Language (MQL) specifically for the MetaTrader Platform. An Expert Advisor can automatically execute the trades on a live account.

What type of trading software should I use to work with Forex Hot

Shot EA?

Forex Hot Shot EA needs the lastest Metatrader 4 version to run properly.

How can I install Forex Hot Shot EA?

Login to members area one the website and donwload Forex Hot Shot EA Easy installation package. Execute the package after download and follow the instructions.

How can I activate Forex Hot Shot EA?

Close Metatrader 4 after the Forex Hot Shot EA files are installed. Login to the members section of the website and register you acount number. After a minute or two you should start Metatrader 4 again and you Forex Hot Shot EA will be activate automatically.

Can Forex Hot Shot EA work when I am away?

Forex Hot Shot EA is working non stop day and night 5 days a week without intervention.

Where can I download MT4 (Metatrader 4) trading platform?

FinFx will provide you with a download link for metatrader 4 after you has registred for an new account.

What do I need to start trading Forex?

Your need an account at FinFX, download the free Metatrader 4 platform and a license of Forex Hot Shot EA.

Can I use Forex Hot Shot EA with any broker?

Forex Hot Shot EA is tested and all parameters is uptimized with FinFX ECN accounts. Therefore it is recommended to use Forex Hot Shot EA with FinFX.

Should I trade myself when I use Forex Hot Shot EA?

No, you should just let Forex Hot Shot EA take care of you trading and relax.

What is the minimum amount needed to start trading?

Forex Hot Shot EA an be run succcesfuly on trading account as low as 50 EUR, but we recommend at least 300 EUR or USD.

Is it possible to run more than one EA (Automatic Trading System)

on a single account?

Yes, you can run so many copies you want on one single account.

What time frame should I use with Forex Hot Shot EA?

Forex Hot Shot EA can only be used with M15 timeframe.

Can I use Forex Hot Shot EA on other currency pairs?

Yes, but we have only tested it on EUR/USD so far.

I cannot open the user guide. What should I do?

The user guide is in PDF format so you need to install Abobe reader to open the User Guide.

What is best Demo or Real account at the beginning?

It is always reccommended to start with a demo account to ensure that everything is working correctly and you can learn the behavior of Nordic Invest trading patterns. After you are comfortable you can start trading on a real account with small money in the begging and turn the lot size up slowly.

Can I use Forex Hot Shot EA on a demo account until I feel

comfortable trading a live account?

Yes, it is recommende to use Forex Hot Shot EA on a demo account in the start.

What kind of internet connection and computer hardware do I


Metatrader doesnt requirer a fast internet connetion, but it is always better to ensure good results. A fast portable computer with a minimum of power consumpton and plenty of memory will be the best solution.

Should I turn off Forex Hot Shot EA on weekends?

No it is not nessesary to turn it off, but it is good behaviur to restart the computer sometime to reset the memory to ensure future stability.

What will happen if I lose internet connectivity for a short time?

If there is no trade open it will just stop trading until internet connected again. If there is a trade open when internet is disonnected it will finish this last trade properly by TakeProfit or StopLoss.

What will happen if my computer lose power or reboot?

If there is no trade open then it will stops trading until you turn on your computer again. If there is a trade open when the computer shuts down it will finish this last trade properly by TakeProfit or StopLoss.

What is the minimum amount of money required to trade with the

Forex Hot Shot EA?

We suggest a minimum of $300-500.00 or EUR.

Can I use ECN or 5 digit brokers?

Yes, you can use ECN or 5 digit brokers with Nordic Invest EA.

Is there anything I have to do once its set up or will it trade


Just ensure to turn the Expert Advisor buttom on and you can see the happy smiley in upper right corner.

Does my computer need to be on 24/5?

The systems will trade automatically, all you have to do is leave MT4 on. This means your computer needs to be on, if you can’t leave your computer on or prefer not to then I suggest you spend $20-30 a month and get a Forex VPS.

Do you have recommended brokers?

Yes, we recommend FinFX with an ECN account or an ECN Pro account because the fast execution, low spreads and commissions.

Are there any upsells or membership fees?

No, this is a one time fee, there are no upsells or membership fees and you receive all updates free lifetime until product is EOL.

Is there a free trial or demo version?

No, but there is a 60 days - No question asked - All money back guarantee.

How often does the EA trade?

Normaly 3 to 5 trades every day.

What time frame does the EA trade?

Forex Hot Shot EA uses M15 timeframe only.

My Backtesting doesn’t match my trades, why is that?

Please remember to update history in metatrader before backtesting and always use tick data test because it is most acccurate.

I see there are some days where there are no trades, why is this?

These days are very rare. Trade frequency is usually steady but if the EA can’t  find a safe entry based on our strategy and live data it won’t enter a trade.

Why are some of my trades different from the published results?

Forex Hot Shot EA gathers live data and stores all the history it can. The longer you run our systems the closer the results will resemble ours.

What country are you home base?

Denmark is our home base.

How many licenses do I get?

You get one licenses per license fee. But you can change account and account type as many times you want.

What lot size do you recommend?

You should only use a lot size you are comfortable with. Forex Hot Shot EA has buildt in Money Management (MM) which when set to TRUE will allow you to select a risk percentage. We recommend 1 % of your entire account.

When is the best time to trade?

Forex Hot Shot EA is build to run always. It will never trade upto news but always after the news. That´s the reason it is safe and should be keept on always.
FAQ - Frequently Asked Question list This is a updated list of the most actual questions for Forex Hot Shot EA users. The list will be updated regulary. If you dont find answers to you questions, you are welcome to contact us by email or by support, if you are a customer.

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